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American Farm Bureau Tells Members to ‘Ditch’ EPA Water Rule Apr 23, 2014 - Farm Bureau Newsroom The American Farm Bureau Federation today asked its members to resist a proposed rule from the Environmental Protection Agency that it says will impose unworkable regulations on the nation’s farms. Among other things, the rule would expand federal control over land features such as ditches and areas of agricultural land that are wet only during storms.
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Agricultural Labor
Advance Legislation that Addresses Agriculture's Long- and Short-term Labor Needs
Farm Bureau supports immigration reform that addresses American agriculture's needs today and in the future. This means dealing responsibly with our existing workforce. It also means providing reliably for the future by assuring that farmers and ranchers have access to a usable worker program that responds to agriculture's unique needs.

Clearly, border security and employer enforcement are important parts of the debate, but such provisions alone cannot solve the problem.
Agricultural Labor Waters of the U.S. Energy Budget and Taxes
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