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Tell us about the key issues facing agriculture.

To help find a solution to agriculture’s key issues, the first step is to educate the decision-makers by sharing your story.  Your story will assist AFBF efforts to educate lawmakers and their staff.  Before engagement can influence lawmakers, we must provide them with the impact these issues have on you, your community and the district.  Unfortunately, many members of Congress do not fully understand the issues facing agriculture. This is where you can make a difference.

AFBF is seeking your input on three pressing issues: the farm bill, agriculture labor and regulatory reform.  Use the following Themes when forming your comments. Please submit them to AFBF so we can use them to help educate your lawmakers.  Providing the location of your farm and what you produce is an important part of your message.


FARM BILL: The farm bill supports a sound, thriving economy benefitting all Americans from boots-in-the-dirt farmers/ranchers to consumers.  How is your farm benefitting from farm bill programs?  And what does the farm bill offer you and your community? REGULATORY REFORM: Has your farm or ranch been hampered by federal rulemaking procedures?  Tell us if you have experience delays in permitting and other economic impacts.
AG LABOR: Agriculture labor is unique in its seasonal work and perishable goods.  Have you had to deal with an inadequate workforce and what were their economic consequences on your operation? AG LABOR: A primary concern is the assurance that you have the legal workforce available for your farm or ranch.  How could a lack of agricultural workers be devastating to your farming operation?

NOTE: Your contact information will be kept confidential.

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